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Cherry Class - Year 3

Welcome to Cherry Class!


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Tomb Raiders

This term we will be exploring the Ancient Egyptians.

Howard Carter's Visit


Term 5


Maths: We are continuing to do daily practise of our times tables this term. In our maths lessons, we are covering statistics with children learning to interpret and present data using pictograms, bar charts and tables. In addition, we will be learning about length by measuring in m, cm and mm, converting between measurements and solving addition, subtraction and comparison problems involving different lengths. Finally, we will finish the term with a focus on fractions. 


Writing: We are going to write a newspaper report based on Howard Carter's Discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. In addition, we will explore a wide range of poetry in our writing and reading lessons this term with children having the opportunity to explore rhyming patterns, syllables and different poetry structures in their own writing. We will also develop our understanding of the possessive apostrophe and continue to build upon our knowledge of varied vocabulary and sentence types.


Reading: This term we are going to be reading information texts to retrieve information about the past, practise our summarising skills and to explore an increased range of vocabulary. In addition, some of our reading lessons will focus on different types of poetry.


Topic: Our topic will explore Ancient Egyptian traditions and beliefs. The children will learn about Howard Carter's discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb with a special visitor to help them to build up even more knowledge. We will also be looking at mummification in Ancient Egypt so that we know why Ancient Egyptians believed this was important and how it was carried out. This will enable us to also focus in on the many gods that Ancient Egyptians believed in. Furthermore, we will be placing Ancient Egypt on a timeline and building up our understanding of chronology. In geography, we will be looking at the importance of the River Nile, the physical geography of Ancient Egypt and how rivers are formed. We will be using our sketchbooks a lot this term to practise different techniques and to build up our self-reflection skills in art.


Science: Later in the term, we will explore magnets in order to understand when they attract and repel one another and how magnetic forces can act at a distance.