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Cherry Class - Year 3

Welcome to Cherry Class!


Through the Wardrobe

This term we will be exploring the magical world of Narnia and its characters.

What we are learning this week


Maths: We are going to be learning to subtract a 1-digit number from a 3-digit number, such as 165 - 8. We will be using number lines, number facts and practical equipment to help us build towards mental methods. 


Writing: We are going to be writing letters as evacuees to build upon our recent focus of extending our sentences and improving our vocabulary. 


Reading: This term we will be reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. We will be developing a wide range of our reading skills, including prediction, so it will be useful if children do not read the text or watch the films at home until the Christmas holidays.


Topic: This week we are going to place the two World Wars and the Spanish Civil War on a timeline. We will examine a wide range of primary sources to find out how each war was similar and different. We will be looking at the experience of evacuation for Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. We will introduce Mr Tumnus and explore his actions. Additionally, we will be making paper snowflakes to decorate our classroom. 


Spanish: We are continuing to develop our repertoire of Spanish songs and rhymes and will revisit our Spanish phonics from last term.


Homework: The children have been asked to learn and practise their multiplication and division facts for the 3x table. 


Spellings: We are examining homophones this week. 

Please Learn: Break, Brake, Grate, Great, Eight, Ate, Weight, Wait, Son, Sun