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Maple Class - Year 1

Welcome to Maple Class!

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Toys "R" Us

This term we have set up a toy shop and are investigating lots of different toys.



Learning of the Week

This week we are still looking at toys through time, seeing how and why they have changed. Mrs. Almond, from Autumn Leaves, came to visit and showed us her old string puppets. She also shared her memories of being at North Bradley School.

If parents and grandparents have any toys they would be willing to bring into school to share with us that would be greatly appreciated, as we would like to make a museum as part of our showcase.

In literacy we are writing a biography of Dr. Barnardo, who helped Victorian poor children, who had no home get an education.  


We finished our clay bears, see how they look below






We have also finished making our soft toys.

Weekly Letters and Sounds


We are continuing with our Phase Five sounds, thinking about silent letters, with  the sound "n" being made by gn as in gnome, kn as in knit, and "r"  being made by wr as in wrapper; and the "m" sound being made by mb as in bomb.


The children with Mrs. Williams are working on the Phase Five sounds "wh", "ph", "ay", "ie" , "ou", "aw", "ue" and "oy". 


In handwriting we are learning to from the capital letters C and D


Weekly Numeracy


This week we continuing our are investigation of different ways to take away numbers from 20; including using a number line to count on, using our number bond knowledge to take the ones away, and using our number bonds for ten to cross the tens barrier.  We will then use this knowledge to solve problems   We are now learning the number pairs that make 9.   



Maple Class Gallery - Look at our self portraits. Can you guess who we are?

Diary Dates for Maple Class

5th March - Victorian Dress Up Day and Showcase

If you need any help with what to wear, please see Mrs. Bray.


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