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Maple Class - Year 1

Welcome to Maple Class!

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Dear Parents and Carers,

As part of our project introducing the aliens to planet earth the children will be explaining to the aliens the different groups we belong to – our families, our school, clubs (swimming, Rainbows, Beavers, football etc.) churches, village/ town, planet. To help with this explanation on both Tuesday and Wednesday we are asking the children to bring in an object to show that they belong to a certain group. This could be a family photo, swimming certificate / badge, uniform/kit, christening certificate/ candle for example. If you are unsure what to bring or have any questions please do come and see me.

Thank you for your time and help.

Regards Mrs Bray

class photo



Here Come the Aliens

We have been helping the Aliens who crash landed at our school, learn about how we are the same and different.





Learning of the Week

This week has been a short but fun week learning about Autumn and keeping fit.

We had great fun at the John of Gaunt Multi-Sports Festival, have a look at our photos to see what we did.





Last week was World War One Week throughout the school. 

We enjoyed our workshop with Captain Smith, learning about the war and how to march like a soldier.  We also learnt about Edith Cavell, a World War One nurse, who helped British Soldiers escape from the Germans.  

Have a look at our photos from the week.

Have a look at our alien collages, where we used our sense of touch to choose different textured materials.

Weekly Letters and Sounds


We have just started Phase Five, with the sounds "au" as in autumn, "a-e" as in cake, "e-e" as in Pete, and "i-e" as in like.  


In handwriting we are learning to from the letters i and j


Weekly Numeracy


This week we are adding using the "part whole model" and "tens frames", introducing the children to adding by counting on and finding missing numbers in a number sentence, e.g. 6+?=8.  We are also learning the number pairs that make 10.   



Maple Class Gallery - Look at our self portraits. Can you guess who we are?

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