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Music Lesson Resources

Please find below music lesson resources from Mr Turner, these are optional lesson for children to do.

Music Lesson - Year 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Take a look at this about Florence Price - it links in to today's current affairs with the "Black Lives Matter" movement and is an inspiring story in its own right.

Work your way through the page making sure to view the main video.  Then Activities 2 and 3 are particularly good to have a go at this week.




Here's a clip everyone can enjoy!


Clip 1.  A highly paid sound engineer creating a sound track to dinosaur animations, what's not to like?!  - see if you can match his work at home!

Music Lesson for Years 5 and 6

This week's music lesson is available on bbc bitesize:

Music Lesson - Year 2 upwards

This weeks music resource is a nicely put together page from BBC bitesize about dynamics:


Years 2 upwards should be able to access this.


Please watch the video and read the accompanying text.


Then watch the video clip in Activity 1 (or if you have plenty of time you can watch the whole "ten pieces party live lesson") and have a go at the worksheet.


Older students may wish to extend their knowledge with Activity 2 but this starts to move away from the main focus on Dynamics.

Music Lesson - Year 4 / 5 / 6

First - you will need to study a note reading guide - please email and we will email this to you (please note you will need musescore to be able to open the file.  Remember this works best if you download straight onto your computer (rather than phone or tablet) and is free here.  You may already have downloaded this from previous work set.

Print the attachment out for reference if you like.

Then - download the app 'learn music notes' from your google play store or equivalent.  Use the settings:

Round length - "1 min" (you can set for longer if you need extra time)

Note input - "Buttons"

Clef - "Treble" and/or "Bass"

Difficulty - "Easy" - try "normal" if you think you're getting good!

Accidentals - "None" 


See how many you can get right!  Can anyone beat my first attempt score of 5500 (55 correct and no mistakes) in a 1 minute round?!!


Music Lesson

For years R,1,2,3 and 4 - Bring the noise - Simply click 'play it' and ignore the rest of the page!

For years 5 and 6 - Duration, tempo and Beethoven - please read through the page and watch the videos, then have a go at the activities.

Lesson 2.mp4

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Task 2.mp4

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