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Adventurers Class - Year 3

Welcome to Adventurers Class!



In term 2, our learning in year 3 will take us on an adventure back in time to the Stone Age. We will learn how the Stone Age changed Wiltshire and do a special case study on Stonehenge. We will improve our historical skills and knowledge when working towards answering the topic question:

'How did Wiltshire change during the Stone Age?'

What are we learning about this term?


Maths - In maths we will be continuing our Power Maths learning on Addition and Subtraction, before beginning the first of two units which focus on Multiplication and Division. 


Writing - In writing we will be writing a non-fiction text about our learning of the Stone Age. We will develop our ability to construct complex sentences and expanded noun phrases. We will also create characters and begin to use inverted commas to show when a character is speaking in our writing. These skills will then be used when we write historical fiction that is inspired by the book 'Stone Age Boy' by Satoshi Kitamura. 


Reading - Our whole class text this term will be 'Stig of the Dump' by Clive King. We will be continuing to strengthen our retrieval, prediction, inference and comprehension skills by completing a range of tasks linked to this text. We will also become better at using evidence from the text to support our thoughts, opinions and ideas about the characters and settings in the book.


Science - In science we will be learning all about rocks and fossils. We will learn to group and classify rocks according to their properties and understand why rocks are used for specific purposes.


History - History this term is the subject that is driving most of our learning this term. We will be learning about the way people lived in the Stone Age and how people's lives changed when they progressed from being hunter gatherers to farmers. We will learn about how Stone Age people changed Wiltshire by building hills, barrows, stone circles and shaping the land through farming. 


Geography - In geography we will learn about different settlement types and how the idea of a settlement changed during the Stone Age. We will also work on reading and interpreting maps that show the key prehistorical sites in Wiltshire.


Art - In art we will learn about cave painting and use relief techniques to carve/etch a picture into polystyrene, which will then be used to repeatedly print an image on a painted background.


DT - In design technology, we will be learning about levers and pulleys and how historians thing these were used by stone age people to haul stones into positions to create the stone circles Wiltshire is famous for. Pupils will then design their own pulleys/levers to pull model stones into place on a model of Stonehenge.