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Adventurers Class - Year 3

Welcome to Adventurers Class!



This term our topic is:

'How did Wiltshire change during the Stone Age?'

History is the driver of our learning context this term. We will be using historical enquiry skills to gain knowledge and understanding of the Stone Age and the monuments this era left behind in Wiltshire in order to answer our topic question.


What are we learning about this term?


Maths - In maths we will be continuing our Power Maths learning on Addition and Subtraction. We will be building on our knowledge of adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers and progress to being able to use manipulatives and formal written methods to add and subtract 3 digit numbers. Also, after learning the 2 x table in our daily times tables burst last term, this term we are learning our 5 times tables multiplication and division facts.


Writing - In writing we will be developing our ability to write sentences with different structures, by using adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions to mark time, place and cause. We will be applying these writing skills to our writing of non-chronological reports. 


Reading - Our whole class text this term will be 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. We will be focussing on the amazing language used by the author and inferring our thoughts and feelings about characters.


Science - In science we will be continuing to learn about rocks, before beginning a unit on Animals including Humans. In this unit we will be learning about skeletons, muscles and their function and purpose, as well as the nutrition needed for us to be healthy.


Art - In art we will learning about different sketching techniques and how we can use these to draw Stonehenge. We will then learn how to use our colour mixing skills to paint the Stonehenge scene we have drawn, as it might look at summer and winter solstice.


Spanish - We are beginning to learn classroom commands in Spanish this term and developing our knowledge and understanding of Spanish phonics.


Links that may prove useful for topping up learning at home.