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Adventurers Class - Year 3

Welcome to Adventurers Class!


Stones 'n' Bones

This term we will be exploring the Bronze Age and Iron Age to see how life changed.

Learning of the week


Maths: We have begun our unit on money. We spent this week working on converting between pounds and pence and applying this to different methods for adding up two amounts of money.


Writing: We are currently writing our leaflets on Stonehenge and Avebury. We are making sure that we write slowly and thoughtfully to make our writing as persuasive as possible, by using better vocabulary and conjunctions. We are also making sure that we edit our writing as effectively as possible.


Reading: We are reading Stig of the Dump. Our current focus is on exploring themes within this text and we will begin to compare it to other texts we have read this year next week.


Weekly Highlights: What a fun week we've had! On Wednesday we had a visit from Wiltshire Museum. We spent the day exploring lots of Stone Age and Bronze Age artefacts and had a go at making our own beaker pots and prehistoric jewellery. We used foam stones to build replicas of Stonehenge and thoroughly enjoyed dressing up in Stone Age and Bronze Age costumes. On Thursday it was World Book Day and we all came dressed up as different characters. We enjoyed finding out about other people's costumes and books and we wrote book reviews to share with the class.


Weekly Homework: 


Ongoing: Learn our Easter songs

Writing: Totally up amounts of money

Spellings: actual, actually, occasion, occasionally, accident, accidentally

Times Tables: x4