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Adventurers Class - Year 3

Welcome to Adventurers Class!


A Wild Wiltshire Adventure

This term we will be learning about everything that makes Wiltshire unique and special.

Learning of the week


Maths: We have been learning to place 3-digit numbers on a variety of number lines and comparing pairs of 3-digit numbers using greater than, less than and equal to symbols. We are currently consolidating our 10x tables.


Writing: We have been extending our sentences by using subordinating conjunctions, like 'because', 'although', 'when' and 'if'. We will be using our new knowledge of complex sentences to help us to write a leaflet to persuade people to visit some of our favourite places in Wiltshire. In spelling lessons we have been learning to add the prefixes 'dis-' and 'un-'.


Reading: We are currently reading Sheep-Pig. We are enjoying the adventures of the different characters, making inferences, predictions and improving our vocabulary. 


Topic: We have finished our Paul Donovan-inspired art based on Salisbury and it is now on display in our classroom. We particularly enjoyed using white pens to replicate his style of art. We have also applied our growing knowledge of e-safety and search engines to find out more about Salisbury. We've explored the different physical and human features of geography in Wiltshire. 


Science: We explored different types of forces and how magnetic forces can act at a distance unlike many other forces.


Homework: The children have been set an activity to consolidate our work on complex sentences in class.