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Adventurers Class - Year 3

Welcome to Adventurers Class!



This term our topic is:

'What is it like to live in the Arctic?'

Our Geography learning will drive the topic and we will be developing map reading skills, become location detectives, learn to interpret data and use different sources to research and gain knowledge and understanding of this unique place.

What are we learning about this term?


Maths - In maths we will be continuing our Power Maths learning on fractions and will be learning to add and subtract fractions as well as apply this when solving problems. 


Writing - In writing we will be strengthening our ability to write sentences with different structures, by using adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions to mark time, place and cause. We will be linking our writing with our reading and write a diary as one of our class text's main characters, Shen. This will provide us with an opportunity to apply our grammar skills when writing a text. We will also build on our understanding of writing speech and marking speech with inverted commas. 


Reading - Our whole class text this term will be 'Pugs of the Frozen North' by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre. We will be focussing on characters in the text this week and use our retrieval, inference and text analysis skills.


Science - In science we will be beginning a new unit all about plants and learn to draw and label a scientific diagram of a plant. Miss Perrett will be dissecting a flower in the classroom to show us this in real life. We will also check to see how our plants are growing in the school garden.


Geography - In geography we will be using graphs, atlases and books to answer the question - What are the key physical geography features of Greenland and in particular a region called Avannaata? We are going to find out what the climate is like, what the height of the land is and how the landscape of this place has been and is shaped.


Art - In art we will learn about Picasso and his innovative cubist approach to art. We will explore and study examples of his work and express what it makes us feel and how it provokes thought. We will also comment on what aspects of his work will influence our own techniques and work.