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Cherry Class - Year 3

Welcome to Cherry Class!


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The Abominables

This term we will be following the yetis on a journey from the Himalayas to Hampshire.


Term 6


Maths: We are continuing to do daily practise of our times tables this term. In our maths lessons, we are covering fractions, time and geometry. We will be adding, subtracting, comparing and finding equivalent fractions. We will be reading time to the nearest minute, using both 12 hour and 24 hour clocks. We will be beginning to describe the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. As always, there will be a big focus on problem solving and reasoning.


Writing: We are going to be writing a character description to describe the yetis as fearsome animals. We will be using the present perfect tense to write postcards from various places on their journey across Asia and Europe.


Reading: This term we are going to be reading The Abominables by Eva Ibbotson to continue to learn new vocabulary, explain by word choices are effective and make predictions and inferences.


Topic: We will be looking at lots of different places in Asia and Europe and mapping out the yetis journey across the two continents. We will be using atlases and maps to find out more about the different areas, including the human and physical features. We will learn how to use four figure grid references and the 8 points of a compass. In art, we will be exploring the artwork of illustrator Sharon Rentta and artist Zac Retz. In DT, we will be sewing our own yeti merchandise, a yeti-themed cushion. 


Science: This term we will be discovering the requirements for life for both animals and plants. We will be carrying out different experiments to find out more about plants.