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Computing and technology are becoming increasingly intrinsic in all of our daily lives and our Computing curriculum at North Bradley aims to reflect this. By the time that pupils leave our school, we aim to:


  • provide a range of opportunities to programme, problem solve and understand the fundamentals of computer science;
  • utilise a range of digital devices and software to provide a rich context for computing sessions;
  • develop children’s understanding of how networks and the internet work;
  • embed computing in relevant other curriculum areas to enable them to see the historical and technological importance of technology;
  • promote safe and responsible use of technology both in school and at home.


Pupils are given a wealth of opportunities to explore, use and develop a variety of hardware and software. Our ICT suite is fully equipped with up-to-date technology and the children also have access to laptops, notebooks and iPads. There is also a wide variety of programs that the children use to create and develop their own programs and digital content.


Technology is used throughout the pupils’ school day and is embedded in our teaching. This enables the pupils to see the impact that technology has on everyday life and how it can be used as a tool to support and develop their learning. Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard which is used on a regular basis to support and promote interactive learning.


E-Safety is of the utmost importance in our school and we regularly teach our children to uphold the same level of kindness, respect and awareness in the virtual world that they would in the real one.