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Conquerors Class - Year 4

Welcome to Conquerors Class

We are a class of Year 4 pupils.

Welcome to Conquerors Class 2022-23!

Spring Term 1


Why were the Ancient Egyptians a World Power?


In History this term, we will be looking at the Ancient Egyptians. We will be looking at the Nile and its resources and why this was so important to the Ancient Egyptians. As well as, why, how and where the pyramids were built and powerful Pharaohs.


In Literacy, we will be writing our own playscripts, during this we will be continuing to develop characters in narratives and working on writing complex sentences with subordinating conjunctions. After this we will be looking at news paper reports, poetry and narratives. 


In Reading, we will be reading Bill's New Frock by Anne Fine, whilst working on our prediction and explaining skills. Please do not read this book at home!


In Maths, we are continuing to work on multiplication and division. The children will be building on their knowledge of written methods of multiplication and division using two and three digit numbers. We will continue to work on our understanding of worded problems. After this, we will be learning how to work out the area of a shape and then moving onto fractions. 


In Religion and Worldviews we will be continuing to look at where and how Christians worship. We will be focusing on Holy Communion, Prayer and discussing the difference between different church denominations. Later in the term our focus will shift to where and how Muslims worship. 


In Science, we are now looking at States of Matter. The children will learn about the properties of solids, liquids and gases and classifying materials into these groups. We will be investigating how a material can change state through freezing and melting. We will then be looking at the water cycle. 


On a Tuesday afternoon we will be swimming for the next two terms, please ensure your child's swimming kit is in school on a Tuesday. PE will continue to be on a Thursday Morning, where the children will be taking part in gymnastics.


In Computing, we will be looking at how to use search engines effectively and how to make music online. 


In PSHE, we will continue to look at how the children can be their very best selves, we will then be looking at healthy relationships.