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Conquerors Class - Year 4

Welcome to Conquerors Class

We are a class of Year 4 pupils.

Welcome to Conquerors Class 2022-23!

Summer Term


Welcome back to Term 5!

This term we have finally have our exciting trip to Oxenwood! In Term 6, we will be taking the MTC (Multiplication Table Check) please practise times tables with your child as much as you can this term, it will greatly support them in June!


How is it different to live along the Mediterranean Sea?


Over the summer term, our topic focus will be Geography. We will be answering our key question - How is it different to live along the Mediterranean Sea. We will be looking at the location of countries in Europe and along the Mediterranean Sea and cities in Europe. We will be looking at the climate in the Mediterranean and why it is like that. 


In Literacy, we will be writing an explanation text on the human digestive system, a recount of our trip to Oxenwood, a Poem, a Narrative and a Non-Chronological report on the Mediterranean. 


In Reading, we will be reading The Firework Makers Daughter by Phillip Pullman, we are really enjoying reading about Lila's adventure to Mount Merapi!


In Maths, we are learning about decimals and their place value. We will then be looking at money, time, statistics and shape and angle. 


In Religion and Worldviews we will be continuing to focus on Islam. We will be focusing on the Five Pillars of Islam and learning about what these are and how they affect how Muslims live their lives. 


PE will continue to be on a Thursday Morning with Mrs Brewer and will be on a Friday Afternoon with Miss Croker. 


In Science, we are now looking at Sound! We have already done some exciting experiments to observe vibrations caused by sound.  We will then be looking at Animals and their Habitats. 




In science, we investigated if there was a link between how hard you beat a drum and the strength of vibrations it produces