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Conquerors Class - Year 4

Welcome to Conquerors Class

We are a class of Year 4 pupils.

This learning topic for Conquerors class is now 'CONQUERING EUROPE'. 

Friday 5th March

Morning activities for today

Remote Learning tasks


All remote learning tasks and materials are found on the Conquerors stream and Classwork pages on Google Classroom. 


Please note that if a task is not an online activity then it can either be printed and completed or viewed on screen and achieved by recording on paper. You DO NOT have to print any of the tasks off.

Week beginning 1st March

What are we learning?


Maths - This week we are focussing on division and progressing from dividing 2 digit numbers by a single digit to 3 digit numbers, followed by problem solving involving division. We love rising to the challenges in our lessons!


Writing - This week we are going to be applying speech punctuation, metaphors and expanded noun phrases to our story writing. We will plan our stories at the beginning of the week using ideas webs that we created last week and by the end of the week we will have finished our editing and improving process to complete our stories.


Reading - It is World Book Day on Thursday so we are doing extra activities this week to encourage a love of reading. We will be making Origami corner bookmarks, posters to promote reading, create book characters inspired by the 'Starfell' books by Dominique Valente and redesign the front covers of our favourite books to reflect what we love most about them. 


Geography - This week we continue on a trip around several European countries, by travelling from Barcelona in Spain on the train to Paris, France. We will learn the location of this European capital city, as well as the human and physical geographical features in this place.