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Conquerors Class - Year 4

Welcome to Conquerors Class

We are a class of 31 Year 4 pupils.

Autumn Term 1

How does the climate affect the geography of Europe?


Our learning context for term 1 is based on a case study of a coastal region of Spain (Catalonia) and a region of Russia in the Arctic Circle (Murmansk). The children will investigate some human and physical characteristics of these two contrasting European regions and look at the climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts in Europe. We will be using atlases and digital maps to locate European countries and capital cities and identifying the Equator and Northern and Southern Hemispheres in relation to these..  We will also be learning the significance of the Arctic and Antarctic circles.

Whole class Reading Texts

Fortunately the Milk by Neil Gaiman                                                                                       Bill's New Frock by Anne Fine

Dates for your diary

Parents Evening - 16th and 17th October

Year 4 Showcase - 17th October at 2.30 pm in the hall

Book Share - 12th December at 2.45 pm in the classroom


Oxenwood Residential - 15th - 17th May 2024