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Creators Class - Year 2

Welcome to Creators Class! 

Our Science Week Experiments

Our Learning this week (8/3/21)


Maths: We are making and breaking 9 in our number facts lessons and we've been revisiting some areas of learning that we covered previously this year, such as place value.


Writing: We have been watching the video The Lighthouse and writing stories about what happened. 


Reading: Our book this term is The Pest in the Nest but please don't start reading this at home until we've finished the book at Easter so we can learn lots from it. This week we started reading the book and we've been making lots of fun predictions about what might happen next. 


Science: We are doing lots of fun science experiments this week and learning a lot about the theme Innovating for the future. So far, we have innovated our own boats after finding out about some of the amazing boats that have been invented around the world and we created our own boats using paper and tested how many marbles they held before they sank! We also carried out a biscuit dunking experiment to see which biscuit lasted the longest. We discovered that the Rich Tea biscuit can withhold a lot of dunking when the water is very cold. 


Art: we are going to draw some Jill Hillman inspired drawings in pencil. 


PE: Our PE times have changed to Wednesday and Thursday. Please make sure you have your PE kits in on those days.