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Creators Class - Year 2

Welcome to Creators Class! 

What will we be learning this week? (5/10/20)


Maths: This week we are finishing our unit on place value before beginning to look at addition and subtraction. We will be exploring related number facts and comparing number sentences.  


Writing: This week we are learning to add coordinating conjunctions to our sentences to make them longer. We will be using the coordinating conjunctions 'and', 'but', 'yet' and 'so' to write sentences linked to the fairy tales we have been reading and discussing this term. 


Reading: In reading lessons, we are reading the story Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Book. It would be really helpful if you didn't read this at home until after half term so that we can do work on predicting what happens next in class. In class this week, we will be practising reading two syllable words aloud, discussing our favourite words and phrases and making inferences. 


Phonics: We are looking at all the different ways we can spell the /oe/ sound in words like 'goat', 'toe' and 'home'. We will also revisit words with the 'ph' spelling like 'dolphin' and 'phone'. 


Topic:  In history lessons, we will be examining where and why the Great Fire of London started and how it spread. In PSHE, we will be exploring fire safety and in art we will be exploring the painting techniques of the artist Jan Griffier. In music, we are continuing to listen to and discuss a wide range of South African music. 



There is no homework at this moment in time, whilst we focus on settling the children in. However, once we begin setting homework again, it will appear on the webpage here, along with any spellings.