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Creators Class - Year 2

Welcome to Creators Class!



Welcome to our page! We are a very enthusiastic class of Year 2 learners.  This term we will have a different learning theme each week. This week the learning context is 'Fun in the SUN!'.


Learning timetable for the week:

Can you spot your work in the gallery?


Home Learning for pupils in Creators Class:


Week commencing 20th July


Hello Parents and Children,


Firstly, thank you for your continual support and efforts with home learning throughout the past few months. It is hard to believe that we are in the last week of the school year! Only three days to go until the summer holidays when both children in Creators class and their parents deserve a well earned break!


On Wednesday this week, there will be a letter added to the class webpage, which will be an end of year message from me to all of the wonderful members of Creators class, so please watch out for this.


For this week, the learning theme for the school is still 'Fun in the SUN!', so all of the learning for the final 3 days of this week will be summer related activities The Maths and Literacy lesson tasks for each day of this week can be found in one document below. There is also an optional extra booklet for both Maths and Literacy, which  provides children the opportunity for further practise in the areas covered in this week's lessons or at some point in year 2.


Below, you will also find the final KS1 foundation subject projects booklet, full of activities that link to the learning theme 'Fun in the SUN!'. If your child is attending school for any amount of time as part of the KS1 keyworker group, please stick to completing tasks for all subject areas on the days/dates they are shown, since this will avoid children repeating tasks. We hope that knowing all of the learning tasks for the entire week is helping parents and children plan and prepare better for their week of home learning.


The learning documents from last week can be found in the 'Useful home-learning documents' section of the webpage, in case children want to complete any that they missed or need to finish any that they started. There is also an outdoor learning activities pack, full of a range of activities which cover learning in different subject areas. Why not take advantage of the sunshine (when it is out) and do some fun learning activities outdoors? Make sure you stay safe in the sun though! These outdoor learning activities are aimed at the Year 2s that are only learning from home - key worker children who are attending school should avoid doing these, as they are likely to cover many of them in school anyway.


Please do send in photos of any work through 2email on Purple Mash or via admin, since it is so lovely to see what children have been up to and allows me to update the gallery on the Creators Class webpage. I look forward to receiving more pics of your work on 'Fun in the SUN!'.


If you or your child have any questions or queries about the home learning for this term, please contact me via 2email on Purple Mash. If your child just logs in and searches for this then you will both be able to use this format for communication with me. I have also set up a blog that children can use too. 


Best wishes to you all - love yourselves, love each other, love learning and love the world.


Miss Perrett smiley