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Creators Class - Year 2

Welcome to Creators Class! 

Term 2

Maths: We learning about addition and subtract. We are looking at concrete and pictorial representations to support our understanding. We are also learning about different methods to help with mentally adding and subtracting numbers. 


Reading: This term we are reading Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. We will be learning to use dictionaries to look up unfamilar words we come across. Later in the term, we will be making predictions about the book. 


Writing: This term we are writing Non-Chronological reports. We will be looking at how non-fiction is organised into sections. We will be learning about how we can extend our simple sentences by using the coordinating conjunctions and, but and so. We will continue to focus on our orally rehearsing sentences and we will be ensuring they always have full stops and capital letters. 


Phonics: We are continuing to develop our knowledge of more spellings of different sounds. 


Science: We are learning about uses of everyday materials. We are investigating why materials are fit for certain purposes and how we change materials. 


Geography - Our geography question for the the autumn term is - What makes the UK a great place to visit? We will be looking at the the four countries and their capital cities and the names of the seas surrounding the UK. We will then be looking at the human and physical features of the UK. 


Computing: We are using Purple Mash to explore how ideas can be presented.


Religion and Worldviews: We are learning about why the Torah is such a joy to the Jewish community. 


PE: Our PE times are on Tuesday and Thursday. We are learning about team building and tactical games. 


Homework comes home on a Friday and returns to school on a Thursday. If you have any questions about the homework, please come to talk to us in school. 

Our work in Art this term.