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Creators Class - Year 2

Welcome to Creators Class! 

Spring Term 1

Maths: We are currently learning about money. We are learning the value of each coin and note, counting money and finding different ways to make the same amount. We will also be adding money and working out change this term. 


Reading: Our book this term is The Diary of a Killer Cat. We are answering a range of retrieval, inference and prediction questions and working on our summarising skills. 


Writing: We have just finished writing an alternative ending to Oliver Twist. To complete the term, we are going to be exploring suffixes in more detail and using them to write a poem.  


Phonics: We will continue to develop our knowledge of more spellings of different sounds. 


Science: We are learning about different everyday materials and their uses by carrying out lots of experiments. We will explore ways of recording data and how to answer questions using this data to prove our answers.


Topic: We are completing our history topic: Would you rather work or go to school? This topic is all about comparing the life of child workers at the start of the Victorian era to their lives at the end. We are learning about significant people and acts that changed children's fortunes. You can find out more on our knowledge organiser. 


Art: We will be learning how to weave using a wide range of different fabrics.


DT: We are exploring how to create strong and stable structures and we will be applying this to creating our very own throne for Queen Victoria. 


Computing: We will be learning about how to stay safe online and how to search effectively online.


RE: We will be learning about Judaism with a focus on family and celebration. 


PSHE: We will be exploring making good choices with money and friendship. 


PE: Our PE times are changing to Monday and Friday. Please make sure you have your PE kits on those days. This term we will be developing our balls skills on Mondays and exploring different stretches and balances on Fridays.