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Creators Class - Year 2

Welcome to Creators Class! 

Some photos from the term

Autumn Term 1

Maths: We are starting the term with a focus on place value using numbers up to 100. We have been working on counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s. There are some links below to songs that we have used to help us to learn to count in 3s in our lessons. 


Reading: Our book this term is Whose Afraid of the Big Bad Book. Please do not read this at home before Autumn half term as we will be doing some work on predicting what might happen next and children will need those strategies this year. This week we are learning to make predictions and inferences. 


Writing: We are currently learning the story of Hansel and Gretel off by heart and exploring the different features of story writing. We will be writing our own fairy tales. We are learning how to add 'ed' to verbs to turn them into the past tense, including when the verbs end in 'e', 'y' or a consonant that needs to be doubled. We are also starting consolidating our knowledge of sentence structure to write clear, correctly-punctuated statements. We are learning how to use story language and noun phrases in our writing. This week, we will start innovating the story to create a new version of Hansel and Gretel. 


Phonics: We will continue to develop our knowledge of more spellings of different sounds. This week we are learning how to spell the 'ee' sound spelt 'e', 'ee', 'ea', 'y', 'i', 'ey' and 'ie'. 


Science: We are learning about everyday materials. We are exploring the differences between an object and a material, the properties of different materials and why they are suited to particular uses. This week, we are going to be exploring the properties of some different materials and we are going to start grouping materials based on their properties.


Geography: We are exploring the UK and different UK countries and capitals before moving on to focus in depth on the geography of Trowbridge to answer the question What makes Trowbridge a great place to visit? This will involve exploring the human and physical features, different landmarks and places of interest. The children will be thinking like geographers to create geographical questions and to research their answers. This week, we are exploring the different countries and capitals in the UK and their geographical features to find out more about them. 


DT: We are going to be exploring seasonal vegetables to design, create and evaluate a vegetable soup closer to Christmas.


Computing: We are learning how to use the computers to create pictures.


Music: We are learning about South African music. We will be listening to lots of different South African songs and discussing them. We will also be learning the song Hands, Feet, Heart off by heart to perform. 


Religion and Worldviews: We are learning about inspiring people from our own lives, Christianity and Judaism and we will be exploring what makes a good leader and retelling some different stories about inspiring leaders. 


PSHE: We are learning to show good learning behaviours, to be a good friend and strategies to support our mental wellbeing. 


PE: Our PE times are on Monday and Wednesday Please make sure you have your PE kits on those days. This term we will be doing indoor PE most Monday mornings with a focus on gymnastics and outdoor PE most Wednesdays with a focus on fundamental skills. However, please make sure children have suitable PE kit for both indoors and outdoors each PE session in case of any changes. 


Homework: Reading books and homework will begin to come home in week 2. If you have any queries about homework, please do let me know. This week children have been given maths homework to consolidate counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. 

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