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Design Technology

Design Technology is the process of designing, making and evaluating products fit for a purpose or improving, refining and extending the use of existing products. Within this the children will be implementing science and computing knowledge and considering economic implications. 


Our aim in teaching design technology is that all children will:


  • develop the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to design, make and evaluate products fit for a purpose;
  • develop the practical skills to work with a wide range of materials and components;
  • become aware of the impact of technology and its contribution to the quality of life
  • develop practical skills involved in cooking and nutrition.


Throughout their time at North Bradley, pupils will have opportunities to work with a wide variety of materials and components.  This includes using construction kits, electrical components, wheels and axles, lever systems, building different structures and using fabric. The children are taught the various skills needed to support them in these activities, building up their skills level as they progress through the school.


Before the children can become designers they need to know how things work, so we spend time looking at how things are made and how they work. The children then develop design skills, thinking carefully about the intended purpose and audience for their design. Once the making has occurred the children evaluate the success of their project. As the children get older, this process can also include writing instructions for making their projects, costings and advertising the finished product.


The children also have lots of opportunity to cook in our teaching kitchen, often making refreshments for their showcases, as well as considering healthy eating and balanced diets.