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Explorers Class - Year 1

Welcome to Explorer Class!



We had a great Victorian School Day on Friday.

See the slide show below to see what we did or log on to Google Classroom to see a showcase of video clips, showing our different activities.  My thanks go to Jack and Amelia for there wonderful acting skills, when receiving the cane and dunce hat. Thank you also to all the parents for their amazing costumes - they all looked fabulous!



Weekly Learning


This week we will be thinking about the Easter Story and what that means for us.


Last week our focus was on comparing school life today and in Victorians times. The children had great fun dressing up and acting out a Victorian school day. We also had great fun learning to skip with Dan the Skipping Man.





Weekly Sounds Write

We are now on to the extended code, learning that one sound can be spelt in different ways, for example, or, aw, a, ar, au, and al make the same sound - fork, claw, water, warm, Paul, and walk.  We are now practising reading words with more than one syllable, for example contest.  We are also learning that one spelling can make different sounds, for example c can be "s" in celery, "ck"  in cat.


In handwriting we are now focusing on the size of our ascenders (f, g, j p, q,) and descenders (b, d, h, k, l, t).


Weekly Numeracy

This week we are going to be counting from zero to fifty and back again, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s as well as ordering 2 digit numbers. In the afternoon we will also continue to work on our mental number recognition and arithmetic using our new scheme Number Sense. 



Homework - Reading books will be given out on Monday and Thursday - please do read nightly, even if it is only a couple of pages. There will also be an optional book and task set on Reading Eggspress and Reading Eggs, for those who wish to do a bit more, along with spellings below. To give you a break from Home Learning we will not be giving any other homework until after Easter. 


Science Week

Useful Curriculum Information


PE is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so please only bring PE its in on those days. We will be doing all our PE lessons outside so please make sure your child has appropriate clothes and trainers that they can do up by themselves. Please can you also make sure all PE kit is labelled with names, so we can return mislaid PE kit. Thank you.

Explorer's Golden Rules

We have agreed these as our Golden Rules

Be Kind

Be Polite

Try Our Best

Tell the Truth

Listen and Do

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Diary Dates for Explorer Class





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