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Explorers Class - Year 1

Welcome to Explorer Class!

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This term we are at Superhero School

learning about our super senses.


This week we are learning about our sense of touch.  We have sorted objects by how they feel, made superheroes from play-dough and made textured collages of superheroes.






We enjoyed making these Superheroes.

They felt rough, smooth and soft.

Weekly Letters and Sounds


We are continuing with our Phase Four sounds looking at CCVC words, like "spoil, flag and tree."


In handwriting we are learning to form the letters c, o and  a


Weekly Numeracy


This week we have been comparing numbers using the greater than, less than and equal to signs (> = <) and recalling one more and one less than a number.


Homework - 

Explorers Class Gallery - 

Diary Dates for Explorer Class



27th September -  European Languages Day

4th October - Harvest Festival

8th October - African Dancing Workshop

22nd October - Superhero Showcase and dress up day

15th October -  African Storytelling Workshop

19th and 20th November - Parent consultations

19th December - Children's Christmas Parties

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