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Explorers Class - Year 1

Welcome to Explorer Class!

 Thank you for all your hard work. 

Have a lovely summer.

God Bless Mrs. Bray

PS. I will be putting a few summer challenges on below for anyone who would like to try them


Goodbye from Mrs. Bray and Mrs. Hamann

If you're feeling bored why not try ...



Last term we were exploring

North Bradley now and then.

We enjoyed our Victorian Day

Look at the pictures below to see what we did.

We had a fun visit from Trowbridge Museum, which helped us learn what is would have been like to have been a Victorian child in North Bradley.
In our last week  at school we  started to think about the Victorian Dr. David Livingstone and his exploration of Africa.


Last term we also thought about different materials and their properties. This included thinking about the Three Little Pigs and the materials used to build their houses. 

Weekly Letters and Sounds


We have now been introduced to all our Phase Five sounds and from next week we will be working on consolidating this knowledge. 


In handwriting we are reinforcing writing our letters correctly.  


Weekly Numeracy

Our last number topic was learning how to solve worded problems which have involved us taking away, finding the total and finding the difference.  We are also practicing counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s and our number bonds to 10.


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