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Explorers Class - Year 1

Welcome to Explorer Class!




We are Year 1!

Jubilee Celebration

Red Nose Day!

Summer Term


How can we look after our park?


This term, Explorer class will be looking at our local park and how we can look after it. Within this topic, we will be making links between our learning in Geography, Science, and Design and Technology. This topic enables us to carry out some fieldwork in the village, exploring our local park. The children will continue to monitor the weather, spotting seasonal changes and weather patterns. 




Could a polar bear live in the UK?


In this Geography topic, we will be making comparisons between the UK and the North Pole. The children will look at the weather, climate and location of the North Pole, and how the animals that live there can adapt to their surroundings. 

Spring Term


Where is Our School?  What is nearby?


During this geography topic, we will be exploring our locality.  A lot of this topic takes place in the school grounds but we will also take the opportunity to carry out some fieldwork in the village.  The children will learn how to locate North Bradley on a map of the UK, name some human and physical features of North Bradley and identify some features on a picture map. They will encounter many different sources and record some of their own observations and findings. They will also learn that they live in the UK, in a country called England and in a village called North Bradley. They will be able to locate the UK on a globe and they will be able to locate North Bradley on a basic map of the UK.

The children will also know that we have 4 seasons and what the weather might be like in each season in the UK. The children will also be carrying out a daily weather study to explore the weather in North Bradley, making observations and recording these.




What was North Bradley like for my grandparents?


This term in Explorer Class, we are learning about changes within living memory. We will be looking at how life has changed in the past 80 years, focussing on toys and the local area.


Autumn Term

Was Guy Fawkes a hero or a villain?


In term 2 we learnt about Guy Fawkes as part of our celebrations topic.  We looked at who ruled England and was Introduced to the concept of monarchy and parliament.  We thought about what is similar and what is different to today.  The children were Introduced to the idea of different religious beliefs.  They began to understand the idea that events in the past shape our life today.





Why do we celebrate special times?


In RE we considered the importance and value of celebration and remembrance in the children's own lives.

They thought about how and why celebrations are important in religion. They also learnt about the Jewish festival -  Rosh Hashanah and Hanukkah.



PE is on Mondays and Thursdays. We will be doing the majority of our PE lessons outside so please make sure your child has appropriate clothes and trainers that they can do up by themselves. Please can you also make sure all PE kit is labelled with names, so we can return mislaid PE kit. Thank you!

Explorer's Golden Rules


Be Kind

Be Polite

Try Our Best

Tell the Truth

Listen and Do

Meet the Teacher Presentation - January 2022

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