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Explorers Class - Year 1

Welcome to Explorer Class!




In term 3 we are exploring the question: 'Where is our school and what is nearby?' and showing Eddie teddy our village.

Term 3

Maths: We are learning how about place value to 20 and addition and subtraction within 20. We are also looking at numbers to 50.


Writing: This term we are writing narratives linked to familiar settings. We will also be revisiting poems and persuasive letters improving and developing the skills we have learnt in the previous terms.


Phonics: We are continuing to develop our knowledge of more spellings of different sounds. This term we are focusing on ‘ie’, ‘oo’ and ‘u’ as well as recapping previous sounds.


Science: We are learning about everyday materials. We are identifying, naming and classifying different materials as well as distinguishing between objects and the materials that they are made from.


Geography: We are learning about where our school is and it’s physical and human features. We will explore North Bradley using maps and directional and locational language.


Computing: We are learning about coding and how it is similar to following and setting a list of instructions for the computer.


Music: We are exploring different styles of music. 


Religion and Worldviews: We are learning about what others believe about God. We are looking at what Christians and Jewish people believe about God, whilst sharing our own ideas about God.


PSHE: We are learning about keeping safe. Including how we can look after ourselves and our bodies, online safety, responsibility and safety around medicine and recognising the feelings associated with loss.


PE: Our PE times are on Wednesday and Friday. In term 3 we are working on invasion team games, sending and receiving a ball.

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