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Geography is the study of the local to global environment and the physical and human forces which shape it.  Through the study of geography, children gain knowledge essential to our understanding of the world around us and the environmental awareness that is a prerequisite for responsible participation in society. At North Bradley CE Primary School, our children study Geography from Reception through to the end of Year 6. Our geography curriculum links geographical knowledge to a variety of learning contexts within each year group, which have been planned to ensure the required breadth of coverage at each Key Stage. This year our learning contexts include: 


  • A Wild Wiltshire Adventure
  • Road Trip in the USA
  • An Adventure in Espana


‚ÄčThe emphasis in geography is on breadth and depth of geographical knowledge whilst also incorporating practical activity and investigative fieldwork.  Information handling skills, including the use of a wide range of source materials, are taught and careful observation is fostered. Pupils are encouraged to communicate their findings to others using a variety of methods including written or verbal reports and through the use of graphs and pictures


We visit many local surroundings, landmarks and places of interest to support our geography learning contexts which develop children’s understanding of the world around them. In addition, children in Year 4 take part in a geography based residential trip, through which they are involved in many orienteering and geographical learning.


Our Intentions for Geography Learning


Children at North Bradley are based in a beautiful, rural context and we intend for our children to be knowledgeable about their local area and to see it as a source of pride.  Our intention is that each child, throughout their primary education at North Bradley, to explore, learn about and visit different environments within the UK, starting from their locality and moving further afield as they progress throughout the school. These local case studies provide rich opportunities for our children to develop geographical skills and to engage with their environment through regular fieldwork opportunities. Through fieldwork, asking and answering geographical questions, setting up enquiries, map, skills, analysing data and identifying patterns are at the core of our geography curriculum.


 In addition, children are naturally curious about the wider world and we aim to harness this through a case study each year of another location in the world. Through these case studies, children will naturally begin to compare different environments within the UK and the wider world and they are able to apply their growing geographical skills to a different context. We plan for our pupils to have great cultural capital, both about places in the UK and the rest of the world, so that they leave North Bradley School able to talk in depth about different environments in an informed and critical manner. 


Exploring different physical and human geographical features is at the core of geography provision and, as our world is increasingly under threat from different physical and human phenomena, it is our intention that North Bradley children grow into responsible, open-minded and careful citizens of the world. Therefore, they will study a range of different environments and explore the changes that these environments and communities are facing, as well as looking at a range of different hazards to create proud, responsible and aware citizens of the world.