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Welcome to our Governors’ section.


The Board of Governors of North Bradley Primary School meet regularly in order to ensure that the best possible broad and balanced education is provided for all the children attending the school to enable them to reach their full potential and for them to be given the opportunities and confidence to prepare for their next steps in life.

The Governors ensure responsibility for the children's wellbeing and safety.

By working closely with the senior leadership of the school, they also ensure that the Christian values of tolerance, inclusiveness and forgiveness , amongst others, are upheld.

Meet the Governors  

Kelandie Ash  (Headteacher) - Staff Governor - Ex Officio


Committees; Staffing & Curriculum and Finance & Premises


Date of Appointment: 01/09/2016   Term of Office: 1/09/16 - ongoing 


Business / other interest: Nil 





Tracey Baxter (Deputy Headteacher) - Staff Governor 


Committee: Staffing & Curriculum


Head of KS2, Leading Maths Teacher


Date of Appointment: 01/01/2003   Term of Office: 30/09/2021 - 30/09/2025


Business / other interests: Nil 



Allister Belcher  - Parent Governor 


Committee: Finance & Premises 


Areas of responsibility: Health and safety


Date of Appointment: 13/10/16     Term of Office:  01/10/20  - 01/10/24


Business/other interests: Delivery of school lunches & school cleaning contract.


Personal Statement:




Kay Cadby Co-opted Governor 


Committee: Finance & Premises


Areas of Responsibility: Early Years and Art and Design. 


Date of Appointment: 01/02/2010 Term of Office: 01/02/18 - 01/02/22


Business/other interest: Nil 


Personal Statement: I have been a school governor since 2010 and currently I am the early years (Reception) link governor.  I have 2 children at North Bradley School.

I am a tutor at the AECC University College in Bournemouth and I am the Director of Academic Affairs for the Royal College of Chiropractors. I have recently taken on the role of British Education Commissioner for the International Federation of Sports Chiropractors, responsible for monitoring the content and certification of postgraduate education in Sports Chiropractic. 



Becky Denmeade (Chair)




Areas of Responsibility


Date of Appointment: 30/09/21 Term of Office: 30/09/21 - 30/09/25


Business/ other interest: Nil


Personal Statement:  



Oliver Learmont  - Foundation Governor 


Committee: Staffing & Curriculum


Areas of responsibility: Music & Collective Worship


Date of Appointment: 03/09/18    Term of Office: 03/09/18 - 03/09/22


Business/other interests: Nil 


Personal Statement:


Carol McCaw - Co-opted Governor

Committee: Staffing & Curriculum


Areas of Responsibility: Religious Education & Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural


Date of Appointment: 01/06/2014  Term of Office: 01/06/18 - 01/06/22


Business / other interest: Nil 




Personal Statement: I started my teaching career in Liverpool and have taught in primary and secondary school since moving to Wiltshire 50 years ago.  I worked at Stonehenge taking school children around the area for many years before retiring from education.  I have been a school governor for 30 years and am now in my second term of office at North Bradley School.  I have one daughter - a special needs teacher and one son who is an engineer.  With 5 grandchildren between the ages of 6-14 I have managed to keep up with the latest ideas; learning a lot from them.



Andrew Mulligan- Co-opted Governor


Committee: Finance & Premises


Areas of Responsibility: SEN


Date of Appointment: 17/03/2016 Term of Office: 26/03/2020 - 26/03/2024


Business / other interest: Nil


Personal Statement: I have worked in the IT and communications industry for the past 15 years for organisations that include Vodafone, British Telecom and Virgin Media, running large corporate contracts for global organisations around the world.  I live in Trowbridge with my partner and we have two children.



Horace Prickett  - Local Authority Governor

Committee: Staffing and Curriculum


Areas of responsibility: History


Date of Appointment: 01/10/19   Term of Office: 01/10/19 - 01/10/23


Attendance:         Business/other interest: Nil 



Personal Statement:




Charlie Richards - Vice Chair


Committee: Staffing and Curriculum


Areas of responsibility: Finance, Computing, Science, MFL


Date of Appointment:  17/01/19       Term of office: 17/01/19 - 17/01/23


Business/other interest:  Teacher at St Augustine's College


Personal Statement:  I have been a secondary school teacher for 10 years now. I am currently the Head of Department (ICT/Computer Science) and the Duke of Edinburgh Award manager at St Augustine's Catholic College, Trowbridge. I have been a parent governor for 2 years and I have 2 children who absolutely love being in KS1 at North Bradley.



Richard Seymour - Parent Governor                                                                                        


Committee: Staffing & Curriculum


Date of Appointment: 17/01/19           Term of office:  17/01/19 - 17/01/23


Areas of responsibility: Safeguarding


Business/other interest: Nil


Personal Statement: 



Sarah Westlake - Foundation Governor




Areas of responsibility: Religious Education and SEN


Date of Appointment: 30/11/2021   Term of Office: 30/11/2021 - 30/11/2025


Business/other interest: Nil


Personal Statement;  







Sue Thomson  - Clerk to the Governors                                                                                                                                                










North Bradley CE Primary School

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Members who have stepped down 

Governor Meetings 

Paper copies of non-confidential minutes of the governor meetings are available, free of charge, from the school Admin Officer.

Details of the Full Governing Body meetings planned for 2021-2022 are available from the school office.


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