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Innovators Class - Year 6

Welcome to Innovator's Class


Innovators class 2023-2024

What we will be learning this half-term:


In mathematics, we delve into the exploration of ratios and algebra, aiming to not only understand these concepts but also to enhance our problem-solving skills and apply algebraic reasoning effectively in real-life scenarios.


In writing we will focus on refining letter writing skills, improving organisational features, and manipulating sentence structures, including simple, compound, and complex forms. The goal is to achieve greater clarity in written communication.


Reading lessons are centred around the literary work "Holes" by Louis Sachar, providing students with regular exposure to the text to foster skills such as inference, retrieval, summarising, comparison, prediction, and meaning-seeking.


Science lessons involve a comprehensive study of living things and their habitats. Students not only classify microorganisms, plants, and animals based on observable traits but also articulate reasons for categorisation, gaining valuable insights into the diverse world of living organisms.


Our history-focused topic delves into the intriguing evolution of views on crime and punishment, specifically in Medieval and Tudor England. This historical study includes an analysis of the church's role, medieval legal practices, and changes during the Tudor period.


On PE days, which fall on Mondays and Thursdays, our focus turns to Handball and Dance. These sessions aim to develop skills in creating space, scoring goals, defensive techniques in Handball, and collaborative dance phrases in the Dance unit.


Spanish lessons immerse students in the "Mi familia" unit, reinforcing family vocabulary and introducing language elements for asking and answering questions about family members.


Music exploration extends beyond listening skills refinement, incorporating Benjamin Britten's "A New Year Carol" and other Friday Afternoons songs. The approach involves appraisal, engaging in musical activities, and culminating in performances for shared experiences.


In computing, our journey continues with spreadsheet skills, now extending into probability exploration and budget planning. Simultaneously, blogging activities aim to deepen understanding regarding the features of successful blog writing.


Religious education takes an in-depth look at Hinduism, exploring diverse spiritual pathways to moksha through sacred scriptures. Students engage with the idea of varied routes converging on the same spiritual goal.