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Innovators Class - Year 6

Welcome to Innovator's Class


Innovators class 2023-2024

Welcome to the summer term in Year 6, a pivotal period as students near the culmination of their primary education. This term offers a diverse and engaging curriculum aimed at broadening students' knowledge and skills across various subjects.


English: Students will explore diverse writing forms, including immersive story writing, expressive diary entries, and structured non-chronological reports. Through these exercises, they will refine their writing skills, enhancing narrative depth, coherence, and clarity.

Maths: This term, students will delve into measurement, focusing on perimeter, area, volume, geometry, and spatial relationships. Problem-solving and real-world applications will be emphasised to enhance their mathematical proficiency.

Geography: An immersive exploration of South America awaits, focusing on food production capabilities, settlement patterns, trade links, and resource distribution. Students will hone map-reading skills and thematic mapping knowledge.

Science: Continuing the study of evolution and inheritance, students will progress to explore the human circulatory system. Through practical investigations and diagram labelling, students will understand the crucial role of the heart, blood vessels, and blood within the circulatory system.

Spanish: Through the unit "El fin de semana" (The weekend), students will expand their vocabulary related to weekend activities and enhance their comprehension skills through engaging reading and listening tasks.

Music: Embarking on a journey of self-expression titled "Music and Me," students will explore music and identity, culminating in collaborative music creations and performances, fostering a sense of accomplishment.

PSHE: Through activities focusing on well-being enhancement, risk assessment, and first aid skills, students will develop a holistic understanding of personal growth and strategies for leading fulfilling lives.


Our art installation at Trowbridge library.

At North Bradley School, we've been hard at work preparing for the upcoming art exhibition by diving into the world of the renowned artist Yayoi Kusama. Inspired by Kusama's focus on individuality and uniqueness, we've integrated these themes into our school's current term theme of inclusion. Uniting as a school community whilst having the interconnectiveness between schools, we've expressed our distinctiveness through vibrant dots, symbolising the beauty in celebrating our differences. Our project aims to showcase that art knows no bounds and that everyone has the potential to be an artist. By embracing our diverse qualities, we're reinforcing the importance of acceptance and unity.


The art exhibition is now up in Trowbridge library for all to see. Made up of a selection of art across the year groups at North Bradley School as well as work by nine other schools. The exhibition is up until the 17th of June. It offers a diverse display of creativity and talent from students, showcasing the artistic achievements within the local community.


We hope you enjoy.