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Innovators Class - Year 6

Welcome to Innovator's Class


We are a class of 31 Year 6 pupils

Summer Term 6

What would a football fan see if they visited London for the Euro's?


This term we have been learning about the physical and human features of London.  We have been writing leaflets to persuade people to visit famous London landmarks.  

In art we are learning about the sculptor Alberto Giaconetti. We are making our own sculptures in his same unique style.  We are using wire and plaster of paris to make his long, thin elongated figures. and then painting them in gold acrylic paint.

What are we learning this week?  (wb - 21st June 2021)


Maths - We are recapping how to reason with decimals, percentages and fractions.


Literacy -We are learning about the features of Leaflets and writing leaflets about famous landmarks in London.


Topic -  We are learning about the human features of London.


Our Crime and Punishment Topic

We have had a fantastic term and achieved so much.  During our Crime and Punishment topic we took a journey through British history to discover how crime and punishment has changed throughout the ages.  We began in Norman Britain imagining that we were a Norman peasant who broke the dreaded Forest Laws.  We wrote diaries in character.  We then researched the life of Robin Hood before debating whether he was a real person or a fictional character. After learning about the gruesome Tudor Crimes and Punishments we wrote about our fantastic day out at a Tudor hanging and debated whether or not the Tudors were right to use such harsh methods of punishment.  During the Stuart times we designed wanted posters for traitors, highwaymen, witches, poachers and smugglers.  We learnt about Dick Turpin and considered whether he deserved to be hanged.  In the Victorian times, we retold the story of a criminal whose sentence was transportation to Australia and researched the introduction of the police force and  a day in the life of a prisoner in a Victorian prison.  Once we were back up to date we looked at how crime is detected and prevented today.

We have thoroughly enjoyed reading our whole class book - Holes by Louis Sachar

After reading the Highwayman Poem by Alfred Noyes, we wrote our own verse to fit into the poem in the same style.  We charcoaled our own Highwayman pictures in the same style as the illustrator -Charles Keeping.  We also designed and made our own Highwayman pouches.