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Innovators Class - Year 6

Welcome to Innovator's Class


Innovator class 22 - 23

Spring Term 3

How have our views about crime and punishment changed over time?

We will be taking a journey through British history to discover how crime and punishment has changed throughout the ages.  Beginning in Medieval Britain and travelling right through to the present day, we will discover how changes in society create changes in the kind of crimes that are committed, as well as the ways in which they are punished.


RE and Worldviews

Creation and science: conflicting or complementary

We will delve into the Christian story of creation in detail before describing similarities and differences between the religious and non-religious views of creation.


We are looking forward to enjoying our class book - Holes by Louis Sachar.



Innovator's photo slide show

Autumn Term 2

What challenges are South America facing?

This term we are learning about the countries, culture and geography of this fascinating continent. We will learn about the climate, the geographical features, the trade and the people of South America.  We will look at the challenges facing this continent before comparing how life in a South American city is different to that in London.  We are busy preparing for our Showcase where we will put together a class museum showcasing all that we have found out about this continent.



RE and WorldViews

Can religious teachings help us decide what is the best way to live?

We will be exploring ideas of good and bad and right and wrong and why sometimes moral dilemmas occur in life.  We will explain how Christians use the Bible as guidance from God on what is right and wrong and how Christians and Humanists moral codes may help people.  


Autumn Term 1

Why is London our Capital City?


In term 1, we are learning about England's geographical regions, particularly the South East, before looking at the physical and human features of London.  The children will be planning a tour around London. We will be writing non-chronological reports, leaflets and adverts to persuade people to visit famous London landmarks.  

In D.T. we will learn about the London Eye before designing and making our own Ferris Wheel with a motor to power it and pulleys and belt systems to allow it to rotate.


RE and Worldviews

Can religions help to build a fair world?

We will be considering how Christians, Muslims, Sikhs and non- religious people seek to build a fair world and work to serve those in poverty. The children will express their own ideas about an example of injustice and describe what they think we all need to do to build a fairer world.

We are enjoying reading our whole class text - Cogheart by Peter Bunzl

Important dates


SATs information meeting - Tuesday 28th February 3.15 pm

Innovators showcase - Thursday 30th March 2.30 pm