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Modern Foreign Languages

Languages are a very important part of learning at North Bradley CE Primary School and Spanish is taught to all pupils in Key Stage 2. We aim to give children a thorough background in Spanish to prepare them for language learning at secondary school. Over the course of the four years, children are exposed to a wide range of vocabulary and are taught the necessary grammar to achieve writing and speaking in sentences with increasing independence and to ensure they have a breadth of understanding. In addition, pupils have regular opportunities to further explore their understanding of Spanish and the cultures of a range of Spanish-speaking countries through some of our wider topics, such as exploring the Mediterranean countries in year 4 and South America in year 6. 




At North Bradley, we want to ensure our children receive a relevant, broad, vibrant and ambitious foreign languages curriculum that will inspire and excite our pupils through a wide variety of topics and themes. We also aim for our language programme to offer pupils the opportunity to develop a deepening understanding of other cultures and the world around them. Our intent is that all pupils will develop a genuine interest and positive curiosity about foreign languages, finding them enjoyable and stimulating, to ensure that they become life-long language learners. All pupils are expected to reach their full potential by encouraging high expectations and excellent standards in language learning whilst nurturing the confidence of our language learners.



We use Language Angels to ensure that our curriculum coverage has the breadth and depth that will ensure children have a good foundation for language learning beyond Key Stage 2. Our language learning programme ensures children regularly practise all four language learning skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition, children will develop their knowledge of grammar from year 3 to year 6 to ensure progression in all four areas so that they understand more complex language and communicate more effectively. The topics chosen for our year groups ensure this progression in grammar and language skills but also has a mixture of topics that will enthuse children and provide them with real life, practical contexts in which to practise their language skills.


Some topics being covered this year are: 

  • Phonics
  • Animals
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Presenting Myself
  • The Classroom
  • At the Cafe
  • The Weather
  • Habitats


Children in North Bradley CE Primary School revisit some core areas of language learning each year to ensure consolidation and progress in these areas. For instance, children are reminded of their phonics at the start of every year in order to ensure that this is embedded and applied in their reading and writing. Children also have opportunities to learn some simple songs and poems over the year and encounter different stories in Spanish. 


Language lessons at North Bradley CE Primary School are forty minutes a week and there is an emphasis on all four strands of learning, alongside grammar, with children having a lot of opportunities to develop key language through lots of games, verbal and listening practise before applying this to reading and writing. 



Our children are able to regularly practise the four strands of language learning and make good progress in all four. In addition, they are able to use increasingly complex grammar as they move their Key Stage 2. Assessments at the end of each unit demonstrate children's progress in the four strands. Children at North Bradley CE Primary School are very enthused by languages and are excited about the possibilities that learning a language can bring.