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Modern Foreign Languages

Languages are a very important part of learning at North Bradley CE Primary School. In an increasingly global world, we believe it is important for children to be equipped with the language skills to interact with people around the world. We believe that children should have the opportunities to explore different languages and cultures. We aim to give children the chance to experience both Spanish and French in preparation for the local secondary schools.


Our Learning Goals:


- For pupils to recognise the importance of MFL in daily lives, both at home and abroad.

- To ensure that children have an understanding of the sounds of the language and apply this to both their spoken and written work.

- For all children to experience spoken Spanish and French in a variety of different forms, including songs, rhymes, stories, drama, films and presentations.

- To ensure that children have a wide range of vocabulary.

- For children to appreciate the grammatical and phonological differences between English, Spanish and French.

- To ensure that all children are confident speakers and writers in a MFL. 

- For all children to have a deep understanding of the grammar of their target language, and become increasingly independent in applying this in their written work.

- By the end of Key Stage 2, we aim for all children to be able to speak and write in increasingly complex sentences in Spanish to describe, explain and express their opinions in a range of different contexts.


MFL at North Bradley:


Children in Years 3 and 4 currently study Spanish whilst pupils in years 5 and 6 study French. Over the course of the two years, children are exposed to a wide range of vocabulary and are taught the necessary grammar to achieve writing and speaking in sentences with increasing independence and to ensure they have a breadth of understanding in both languages.