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Pioneers Class - Year 5

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Pioneers Class

We are the Year Five Class at North Bradley CE Primary School. This term, we are answering 'Who was the most successful? Anglo Saxons or Vikings '. The children will be finding out about the Vikings and exploring their relationship with the Anglo Saxons.



Learning this Term



To start, we will be exploring ‘Egil’s Saga’, a Viking saga poem. After this, we will be writing stories, imagining that we stumble through a door that takes us back to an Anglo-Saxon/ Viking village.


This term, we will be exploring the text 'Beowulf' during our class reading sessions. 



This term, the children will begin by developing their understanding of multiples and factors, recognising what they are and how they are found. Following this, children will learn about prime, square and cube numbers. We will also be learning about the perimeter and area of shapes. 



We will be exploring reversible and irreversible changes.



This term, we are very excited to have Mrs Wickham teach us gymnastics. Mrs Wickham is an experience gymnastics coach with many years of coaching gymnasts at a high level. On a Tuesday, the children will be developing their skills in hockey. We would recommend children wear shin pads and mouth guards during this unit as they will be playing small matches against each other. 



This term focuses on E-Safety, learning about the impact of information that we share with other people, the importance of minimising risk when on the internet, and considering the relevance and reliability of various websites. We will also use our learning of 3D modelling to create printable nets of Viking longships! 



Using the SCARF scheme, we will explore relationships, friendships and key elements such as compromise. Following this, we will explore feelings and emotions and link this into E-Safety.



We will be exploring ‘Codes of Living’ and how different religions compare in their approach of ideals, morals and values in life through their religious beliefs.



We will look at structures and use woodwork and glue guns to help us create Viking longships.




Reading At Home