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PSHE stands for Personal, Social and Health Education and forms the backbone of our teaching here at North Bradley, where we believe that:


“Education is not concerned only with equipping students with the knowledge and skills they need to earn a living.  It must help our young people to use leisure time creatively; have respect for other people, other cultures and other beliefs; become good citizens; think things out for themselves; pursue a healthy lifestyle and, not least, value themselves and their achievements”.   (Sir Ron Dearing 1993).


This is also evident in two of our school values: 'Love Ourselves' and 'Love Each Other'.


Our aim is to be a health-promoting school through:


  • ensuring a caring, stimulating, clean, safe and healthy environment;
  • raising self-esteem through positive reinforcement of good behaviour, celebrating achievement, valuing what children say and do and using a 'Five to Thrive' approach; 
  • raising awareness of behaviour and encouraging self-awareness with respect to personal attitudes and feelings and to understand and respect others;
  • developing an awareness of moral, cultural, economic and ethical dimensions;
  • developing personal skills in assertiveness, communication and relationships;
  • improving personal knowledge of e.g. the body and how it works, healthy eating, exercise, and the effects of helpful and harmful substances;
  • providing children with opportunities to make good choices based on their understanding of the issues involved;
  • reaching out to and involving families and the wider community.


PSHE is taught within the teaching of all subjects as well as a discrete subject.  Using SCARF as a starting point, areas covered include:


  • Relationship and Sex Education, linked to RE and science (See RSE Policy for more details)
  • Drugs education which is supported by a visit from the Life Bus;
  • Friendships, supporting Anti – Bullying Week and including how we are all different and special;
  • Healthy living, eating, and mental well being linked to science and DT;
  • Work and economic responsibility;
  • Social and emotional literacy, using SEAL resources;
  • Safety, working alongside Wiltshire Road Safety Services ;
  • Global citizenship.


SCARF is used right from the Reception Class through to Year 6, with age-specific topics progressing throughout the school to help our children to be respectful, self-aware young citizens. 


PSHE is also present outside the curriculum in the everyday ethos of the school. For example: 


  • School Council, which meets bi-weekly, with representatives from Y2 - Y6                                               
  • Assemblies, including from outside agencies such as the Fire Service and the NSPCC                                             
  • School Clubs, which have included First Aid, Cooking and Gardening 
  • Supporting charities and local groups/initiatives
  • Trowbridge Youth Parliament, with a representative from Year 5 and Year 6 attending meetings and sharing activities with the School Council
  • Engagement with national events, such as Black History Month and E-Safety Week