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Welcome to Beech Class!!!

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Our Topic this term is...

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What are we learning this week?

  • In writing lessons, we have started learning how to write speech correclty, including using interesting synonyms for said.
  • In Maths, we have been measuring and calculating perimeter. We have been using our knowledge of the properties of squares and rectangles to calculate their perimeter, as well as rectillinear shapes.
  • In Science, we have been learning about food chains. We sorted animals that can be found in China in to food chains and labelled them with the words producer, consumer, prey and predator.
  • In Art, we have been learning about the Chinese artist Fang Zhaoling and have been practising our shading skills with different pencil grades.
  • In PSHEE, we have been thinking about our learning behaviour and how we need to be responsibile for our learning. We have also been exploring peaceful ways of resolving conflict.
  • In Geography, we have been learning about the different terrains that exist in China and have used a map key to describe what the scenery would look like if we landed in different places around the country.

Year 4 recently went to a multiskills festival at Clarendon Academy. We had a brilliant time - just take a look at all of these photos!

Key information and dates for Beech Class

P.E. is on Monday with Miss Perrett and Wednesday with Mrs Warren (see curriculum letter). Children must have their P.E. kits with them on these days. For the first 3 weeks of term, children will also be doing House rounders on Friday afternoons, so must have their kits with them for this as well.

All children need to have an apron in school for art lessons, so they are able to fully take part in activities. It does not need to be expensive and can be an old shirt of their parents or an oversized shirt bought from a charity shop. Shirts are better than T-shirts, because the sleeves cover their arms.

Homework is handed out on Friday and must be handed in on the following Wednesday.

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