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Welcome to Maple Class

We are

Superheroes in Training

As Superheroes we are learning about our bodies and what makes them super!

Learning of the Week

This week we are designing and making our own superhero vehicles, using a chassis, axles and wheels.

Have a look at the photos of our Christening service at the church. This week we are thinking about other celebrations, including the Jewish festival of Rosh Hashanah and our Birthdays. In literacy we will be writing about our last birthday.

Weekly Letters and Sounds

In Mrs. Bray's phonic sessions we are focussing on CCVC words, for example "freed" and "plan" 

Mrs. William's phonic group is working on revisiting the Phase Two and Three sounds taught so far, focussing on letter formation.

In handwriting we are practising forming curly caterpillar letters a, d, g and q.

Weekly Numeracy

This week we are continuing to focus on one more and one less to 10 and the different vocabulary we can use to describe what happens to the number, for example add one, plus one, one fewer, subtract one.  We are also looking at recognising which group has a greater or fewer number of objects than another, beginning to use the symbols <, = and >.

Maple Class Gallery - Look at our Play-doh Superheroes

Diary Dates for Maple Class


Showcase on the 28th November

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