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Welcome to Maple Class

Our new topic is

Old MacDonald

Young MacDonald has been asked to look after the farm while Old MacDonald is in Australia. He doesn't know much about farming and so has asked for our help.  To help us we visited Rowdefield Farm, look at the pictures below of our visit.

Learning of the Week

This week we are continuing to look at plants.  To help us we have been on a plant walk, looking at all the different types of plants found in our school.  We have also planted some beans so we can see how they grow.

In art we are going to do some careful observation drawings of flowering plants.

In Literacy we are starting to plan our own versions of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Weekly Letters and Sounds

In Mrs. Bray's phonic sessions we have foucused  on reading and writing words with split diagraphs like cake, Pete, hide, bone and flute. We are also learning about how to use the suffixes -ed and -ing to change the meaning of words.

Mrs. Williams is working on  revisiting the Phase Five sounds taught so far. (see your sound detective sheets)

In handwriting we are starting to practice doing bridge joins from the letter r to short letters.

Weekly Numeracy

This week we are learning about money, recognising coins and notes, making amounts with coins and adding up amounts of coins. Please let your children experience using money as much as possible.

In our mental maths we are focussing on our number bonds for the number eight.  We will also be continuing to practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s; as well as recalling one more and one less using numbers 0- 100.

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Diary Dates for Maple Class

Tesco visit on the 19th June

Showcase on the 30th June

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