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Superheroes in Training

As Superheroes we are learning about who are real life heroes and villains!

Learning of the Week

 Following our visit from Mr. John and his ambulance.  (Look at our photos to see what we did.) We are thinking about some nurses who were heroes, finding out about Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell.

In literacy we are writing our own superhero stories.

Weekly Letters and Sounds

In Mrs. Bray's phonic sessions we are focussing on phase five sounds, learning that the same grapheme (letter) can make different phonemes (sounds). For example, the letter i can make the "i" and the "igh" sounds and the letter o can make the "o" and the "oa" sound. We will also be looking at how adding the suffix "-ing" can be change the meaning of the word.

Mrs. William's phonic group is revisiting the single letter sounds from Phase Two and Three, reinforcing correct letter formation. She will also be focussing on "ow", "er, "air"" and "ure" words.

In handwriting we are practising forming long ladder letters "i" and "j". 

Weekly Numeracy

This week we are consolidating our knowledge of teen numbers, how they are made up of tens and ones, and matching the numerals with the words.

Our key mental maths focus is the starting the quick recall of making ten.

Maple Class Gallery - Look at our Superhero cars and capes.

Diary Dates for Maple Class


Superhero Showcase on the 28th November 

For those of you wishing to make rather than buy a superhero costume here are some ideas:

- Decorate a bin bag/ pillowcase/towel and turn it into a cloak

- Design your own superhero logo, cut it out and fix it to a T-shirt

- Decorate a pair of pants and wear them over the top of tights or leggings

- Make bulletproof cuffs out of card and silver foil

- Thread/ stick small boxes and bits and pieces on to a belt to make your own utility belt

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