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We are

Percy the Park Keeper's Deputies

Percy has been asked to look after North Bradley Park and has asked us to help him.

Learning of the Week

This week we are thinking about living and non-living things found in the park. We will also be starting to think about the animals found there.  We will particularly be thinking about which animals are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores.  

In literacy we will be writing plant riddles.

Weekly Letters and Sounds

In Mrs. Bray's phonic sessions we are focussing on phase five sounds, learning that one phoneme (sound) can be made by different graphemes (letters). This week we are working on the "igh" sound which can be made by igh as in night,  i-e as in size , ie as tried, and y as in spy

Mrs. William's phonic group is learning to read words with the sounds "o-e" as in rode, and "e-e" as in Pete and then revisiting all the split diagraphs.

In handwriting we are practising capital letters  "O" and "P". 

Weekly Numeracy

This week we are learning about fractions and in particular quarters, recognising that they are made of 4 equal parts. We will be finding quarters of shapes and numbers.

In our mental maths we are focussing on counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s, as well as re-visiting our number bonds up to 10.

Maple Class Gallery - Look at the fun we had building houses

Diary Dates for Maple Class

Showcase - Thursday 28th June


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