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Learning of the Week

 This week we went to have a Build It! experience at "We The Curious".  Have a look at the slide show to see what we did and how much fun we had.

It was a great day.

Weekly Letters and Sounds

In Mrs. Bray's phonic sessions we are focussing on phase five sounds, learning that the same grapheme (letter) can make different phonemes (sounds). For example, the letters OU can make the "ow" sound (cloud) the "oo" sound (group) and  the  "u" sound (could) and the "o" sound (shoulder.)  We are also looking at how we can contract words using an apostrophe, e.g. could not becomes couldn't.

Mrs. William's phonic group is revisiting the single letter sounds from Phase Two and Three, reinforcing correct letter formation. She will also be focussing on "ure"  and "ow" words.

In handwriting we are practising forming long ladder letters "h" and "k". 

Weekly Numeracy

This week we are looking at the numbers 0 to 50, reciting them forwards and backwards and seeing how they are made of tens and ones, practising our partitioning and recombining skills.

In our mental maths we are focussing on our number bonds for eight and recognising  the number sentences that belong in the same family for example

                10+8 = 18,  18=10+8,  8+10=18,  18=8+10,  18-10=8,  8=18-10, 18-8=10,  10=18-8

Maple Class Gallery - Look at our Superhero cars and capes.

Diary Dates for Maple Class

Showcase - Tuesday 6th February

Victorian dress up day  Wednesday 28th February 

. Suggested clothes would be:

Girls           A long skirts with a blouse or long dress, with perhaps a pinafore apron or cloth hat

Boys           Trousers tucked into knee length socks and a long sleeved shirt, with perhaps a waist coat, bow tie/     neckerchief or a cloth cap

If you would like more ideas or pictures to look at please feel free to come and see me.


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