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Welcome to Sycamore Class

Our learning context for the Autumn term is entitled ‘Lights, Camera, Action.'  We will be taking a journey through British history to discover how entertainment has changed throughout the ages.  Beginning in Medieval Britain and travelling right through to the present day, we will discover how the key features have changed and draw conclusions and make judgements to why these changes occurred. Starting in 1066, we will look at jousting and tournaments, jesters and travelling minstrels.  When we get to the Tudors we will consider why public punishments were a form of entertainment and find out about William Shakespeare while reading his tragedy 'Macbeth'. During the Victorian period we will explore why trips to the seaside and puppet shows became popular.  We will be making our own Punch and Judy glove puppets so that we can perform our own puppet shows. After looking at entertainment during the two World Wars we will arrive up to date with todays entertainment.

Learning of the Week

  • This week in maths, we will be reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers to 10,000,000 and determining the value of each digit.
  • In Literacy we are writing non-chronological reports whilst learning how to paragraph effectively.
  • In science we are starting our topic on light by explaining how light travels in straight lines.

Sycamore Class Gallery

Sycamore Class Gallery

Letters and Home Learning

Diary Dates for Sycamore Class - Term 1 and 2

Group 1 Bikeability - 13th and 14th September

Back to School night -  Thursday 14th September

Group 2 Bikeability - 25th and 26th September

Parents evening – Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th October

Sycamore Showcase - Wednesday 22nd November - 2.15pm

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