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Our learning context for the Spring term is entitled ‘Mighty Mayans’. The children will learn who the ancient Maya people were and where and when they lived. They will use maps and atlases to locate Maya cities and identify countries in Mesoamerica. In addition to this, they will learn about the religious beliefs and rituals of the ancient Maya people and find out more about some of the many gods they worshipped. The children will also learn about the Maya number system and have the opportunity to read and write Maya numbers and solve number problems. They will learn about the Maya writing system too and practise writing words using logograms and syllabograms in the hieroglyphic style of the ancient Maya people. The children will learn about the work of the explorers John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Catherwood and have the opportunity to analyse historical pictures of the cities they discovered. They will also learn about and make the types of food eaten by the ancient Maya people and they will find out about the significance of corn and chocolate, arguing which was most important in a class debate.

Learning of the Week

  • This week in maths, we are Identifying the value of each digit in numbers given to three decimal places and multiplying numbers by 10,100 and 1000 giving answers up to 3 decimal places.  We will also be solving problems which require answers to be rounded to specified degrees of accuracy.
  • In Literacy we are writing letters whilst learning how to paragraph effectively and using a range of sentence types and punctuation.
  • In science we are constructing circuits and investigating how to control the brightness of cells.

Sycamore Class Gallery

Sycamore Class Gallery

Letters and Home Learning

Diary Dates for Sycamore Class - Term 3 and 4

Parents evening – Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd March

Liddington -next payment due- 3rd Feb - (£30)  (Date of residential– Friday 16th June – Monday 19th June 2017)

Showcase – Wednesday 8th March (2.15pm)

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