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Meet the Governors

Simon Bendry (Chairman) - Co-opted Governor 

Committee: Staffing & Curriculum

Areas of Responsibility: Safeguarding, EYFS, Geography & History

Date of Appointment: 14/10/2010  Term of Office: 22/7/14 - 21/7/18

Attendance at meetings; 8/8  Business/ other interest; Nil 

Personal Statement:I have worked in education for 18 years - 13 years as a teacher of history in secondary schools and for the past four years have been delivering a national educational programme at UCL Institute of Education in London. I have been a governor for seven years and I have two children at the school.

Simon Bendry

Kay Cadby - (Vice Chair) - Co-opted Governor 


Areas of Responsibility:Early Years, Science, art and design. 

Date of Appointment: 01/02/2010 Term of Office: 22/7/15 - 21/7/19

Attendance; 2/7         Business / other interest; Nil 

Personal Statement:I have been a school governor since 2010 and currently I am the early years (reception) link governor. I am the director of a company that trains in postgraduate education and I own a chiropractic clinic in Westbury which I started in 2003. I have 3 children at North Bradley School.

Kay Cadby
Andrew Mulligan

Andrew MulliganParent Governor

Committee: Finance & Premises

Areas of Responsibility: Computing 

Date of Appointment: 17/03/2016 Term of Office:17/03/2016-16/03/2020

Attendance: 7/7                Business / other interest ; Nil

Personal Statement:I have worked in the IT and communications industry for the past 15 years for organisations that include Vodefone, British Telecom and Virgin Media, running large corporate contracts for global organisations around the world.  I live in Trowbridge with my partner and we currently have one child at North Bradley School with another one on the way.

Carol McCaw Foundation Governor

Committee: Finance & Premises

Areas of Responsibility:Religious Education & Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

Date of Appointment: 01/06/2014  Term of Office:1/6/14 - 31/5/18

Attendance; 3/6          Business / other interest; Nil 

Personal Statement: I started my teaching career in Liverpool moving to Oxfordshire on marriage. We came to Wiltshire in 1977 were I reared calves for a few years before returning to teaching at secondary and primary level. I have been a governor for about 30 years serving at Southwick and Clarendon schools. I am now retired and work as a volunteer guide for English Heritage and the National Trust at Stonehenge. My daughter is a special needs teacher and my son is an engineer. I have five grandchildren aged 1 -9 years old.

Carol McCaw

Kelandie Ash  (Headteacher) - Staff Governor 

Committee: Staffing & Curriculum and Finance & Premises

Date of Appointment: 01/09/2016   Term of Office: 1/9/16 - ongoing 

Attendance ; 8/8

Business / other interest; Nil 


Tracey Baxter (Deputy Headteacher) - Staff Governor 

Committee: Staffing & Curriculum

Head of KS2, Leading Maths Teacher, Geography Co-ordinator

Date of Appointment: 01/01/2003   Term of Office:1/9/13 - 31/8/17

Attendance; 6/56

Business / other interests; Nil 


Sofia Hargreaves - Parent Governor

Committee: Staffing & Curriculum

Areas of responsibility; SEN, Modern foreign languages and personal, social, health education. 

Personal Statement:  I am a Retired Army Officer with twenty years of experience. I have served across the globe with operational experience in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.  I am passionate about education and believe that a positive learning environment creates the lifelong desire to learn. (My initial degree was in modern languages and linguistics. I subsequently studied and qualified with a PGCE (PCET) as a teacher in the 14+ sector. In addition I completed my PG (Dip) in Business Management and Strategic Leadership. I have experience in teaching across a wide variety of subjects from Ethics to Military Planning at the Defence Academy.)  I am now a swimming teacher and teach in my spare time. I am a mum of two and both my children attend this school.

Date of Appointment: 13/10/16      Term of Office: 13/10/16 - 13/10/20

Attendance; 5/7       Business/ other interests; Nil 

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Allister Belcher  - Parent Governor 

Committee: Finance & Premises 

Areas of resposibility; Health and safety 

Date of Appointment: 13/10/16     Term of Office:13/10/16  - 13/10/20

Attendance; 6/7          Business/other interests; Nil 

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Simon Northcote-Green  - Local Authority Governor 

Committee: Staffing and Curriculum

Areas of resposibility; 

Date of Appointment: 01/09/17     Term of Office:

Attendance;5/6         Business / other interest; Nil 

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Tony Brett  - Parent Governor 

Committee: Finance & Premises 

Areas of resposibility; Physical education 

Date of Appointment:    Term of Office:

Attendance; 7/7

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Jo Coles  - Clerk  



Members who have stepped down.

Governor Meetings

Paper copies of non-confidential minutes of the governor meetings are available, free of charge, from the school admin officer.

Full governing body meetings planned for 2017 - 2018 are available from the school office

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