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Collective Worship

Collective Worship is an important part of every day at our school.  It is a time when we reflect on our lives and God’s love for us.  The range of experiences over each week includes:


Monday - whole school assembly with the Head teacher


Tuesday - assemblies lead by members of the local clergy and the Baptist Church 


Wednesday - assembly led by teachers


Thursday - whole school singing assembly


Friday - class assembly - learning about what's going on in the news. 


At each collective worship a candle is lit and children are encourageed to think about the Christian Values of hte school while these are being lit. 


There will always be a time of reflection that is led by the adult to help children to consider the theme of the worship.


Prayers are said; they may be well known such as The Lord’s Prayer or our school prayer (see below) or a specific prayer chosen for the theme.


Often a hymn is chosen that also reflects the theme.


The head teacher plans the themes for collective worship, which are followed by all those who lead assemblies.


Collective Worship has an annual action plan that is monitored by Foundation Governors.


Upper Key Stage 2 children are always involved in setting up the hall for collective worship.  They ‘set’ the special table with the Bible, candles and there will often be a special artefact as well.  They play the music as children come into and leave the hall.


There is always a display in the hall on the current assembly theme. 


Our School Prayer is currently being rewritten by some of our Governors and children.