North Bradley

CE Primary School

‘Shine as a light in the world’ (Philippians 2:15)


Strive, Hope, Inclusion, Nurture, Equality.

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North Bradley has a very active School Council. They are voted to join the Council by their peers with 2 representatives from each class. This term the school council revised the children's version on the School Food policy. 

The school council are very excited that the  cycle hub is arriving soon so that children can cycle to school, more details to follow.         


Each year 2 children are elected to represent one of our 4 teams in school. Each team has their own Captain and Vice Captain who lead their teams through sporting events and of course Sports Day. Team Captains are trusted to be good role models for the rest of the school and work hard to ensure teams work together to achieve the best that they can. 

Each class at North Bradley has a representative on our school Eco- Council. This Council focuses on the environmental aspects of our school. This year they have focused on improving our garden and outdoor areas. In addition they have been working with our school site manager to secure enough plastic bottles to start building a greenhouse made entirely from plastic bottles - we are very excited to see the finished greenhouse.