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Fundraising Day for the Australian Bushfire Emergency—£463.60 raised

Congratulations to Lily P for organising the fundraising day last Friday and thank you to
everyone that donated money and baked amazing cakes. On the day we had over 350
cakes to sale and many people were very generous with their donations. To help the
animals effected Lily not only organise the fundraising day at school but she has also
been busy making pouches, pouch liners, hanging pouches and crate beds which she
delivered to ‘Yarn for Soul’ in Warminster, our local hub collecting these donations to
send to Australia. Altogether Lily raised £463.60 which has now been given to WWF
Bushfire Emergency appeal , this was made up of the amount raised last Friday, Lily’s
own savings and donations from friends and family. Lily is still sewing away to make
more pouch liners.